Welcome to our new web sites!

In addition to the new look, we have also new products in our product range. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive range of products under the same roof.

Our cooperation with reliable valve and actuator manufacturers such as Bray, Schubert & Salzer and Oden continues.

We have started cooperation with new partners: Pietro Fiorentini, BValve and FNC.

Pietro Fiorentini manufactures pressure reducers, gas meters and complete solutions for the gas and petrochemical industry. Pietro Fiorentini’s specialty is the equipment for natural gas distribution lines and use from pressure reduction to consumption measurement.

BValve’s products complete our product range with bellow sealed globe valves, steam traps and strainers.

FNC manufactures deflagration-proof, endurance burning and detonation-proof flame arresters end-of-line and in-line installation for explosion groups IIA, IIB3 and IIC. Their production also covers over/under pressure relief valves, breather valves and manholes for tank protection. For chemical tanks lined over/under pressure relief valves are available.

If you cannot find from our web sites the product you are looking for, need more information about the product or need help with valve sizing or materials, do not hesitate to contact us!

Sari Peltonen, tel. +358 400 654 534, sari.peltonen@keyflow.fi